Commercial Realty & Construction: 2017

From Evansville to Indianapolis, even Des Moines, Iowa, MELMAR spent a busy 2017 helping clients enter new markets.  New construction projects kept us busy, while we continued to service the needs of our clients as they enjoyed a robust year of growth that will continue in 2018.  Our outlook for next year is highly optimistic, and we anticipate many new investments in Evansville, and beyond.

MELMAR has excellent land holdings for nearly any type of venture, and is actively seeking new client partners ready to expand or upgrade their facilities. One of the primary advantages MELMAR provides is comprehensive management, construction and advising services, by some of the most experienced professionals in the city. “By coordinating the multiple aspects of realty in one firm, we are able to provide our clients with a superior finished product at the most competitive terms available”.   Mrs. Hutchinson also emphasizes the merits of a custom tailored facility, and the potential for savings in efficiency and greater productivity.

MELMAR Properties and MELMAR Construction welcome the opportunity to revitalize your enterprise with a workplace that fuels creativity and promotes a successful, established image. Take the next step today.